Over the years, The Atlas Group has had the opportunity to consult with thousands of job seekers in the healthcare and technology markets. We have worked as recruiters in agency and corporate settings, our credibility and understanding of market interview nuances are unmatched. We have held roles as recruiters and hiring managers, and have worked with the top names in tech and healthcare.  

Did I happen to mention that we’re really down to earth and easy to talk to? Contact us today- you won’t be disappointed. 

The world of interviewing can seem unfamiliar, with changing, obscure etiquette that has dire consequences if you get it wrong. Get real advice from real recruitment professionals who interview and hire for a living; we can teach you the secrets to unlock the curious world of interviewing so that it becomes familiar- a world where you thrive.

Loreen Dinkelacker, Consultant

I’ve recruited and filled roles for multiple clients across multiple industries in high-volume agency and corporate environments. My main recruitment focus has been in the tech space across  industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, digital agency and government. I’ve recruited in every major city in the U.S and parts of Canada for companies ranging from tens of thousands of people to just 25.

I’ve built recruitment strategy and processes from scratch for SaaS companies that included interview and scorecard development to aid in debiasing interview processes. 

My favorite clients are commited to DEI, no matter what size.

Adrienne Dinkelacker, Consultant

I’ve recruited in both agency and corporate settings. I have 15 years of recruitment and talent acquisition experience and 6 years of coaching experience. I’ve always had a passion for growth with the desire to serve others, so working in the recruitment industry was a great fit.  My diverse recruitment background has enabled me to develop solid competencies in strategic planning, client relationships and strong project management skills. My favorite clients are start ups & growth phase.