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We work on a monthly subscription model. Depending on your hiring needs, we embed a team of talent acquisition partners.

As former internal recruiters and head of talent acquisition teams, we’ve put a lot of thought into what a really good third party recruitment solution would look like. Our three models ensure that we’re positioned as a true partner and act as an extension to your team that produces an open-line of transparent communication and the results you need.

We take the stress out of searching on your own by partnering with you directly, understanding urgency, and identifying the perfect fit for your needs. We handle the process from sourcing to offer stage using powerful analytics, real conversations and giving a sh*t about the work we do.  

Fully customized programs can include job description development, score cards and applicant tracking system implementation.

On-Demand Sourcing 

Do you need additional support in finding qualified and interested candidates? Do you have a team of hiring managers ready to do interviews, you just need the support in searching and screening? We can help. We have a dedicated team of sourcers that will attract, find and qualify the interest of candidates. We embed with your team, have access to our tech stack and provide data and results every step of the process.

On-Demand Recruiting 

Do you have a talent acquisition team but need extra support without hiring additional headcount? Are you looking to scale your talent acquisition team, but need to do it fast with little to no ramp up time? Are you using recruitment agencies, but they just feel like a bandaid solution?

Having an embedded recruiter means we dedicate a recruiter (or several) directly to your hiring team. We become an extension of your team by fully integrating with you and your processes without having to hire us as full-time employees. 

As you know, recruitment fluctuates; there are heavy recruitment times and slow recruitment times, and by using this model you won’t have to worry about laying anyone off or paying for a team of dedicated recruiters when you don’t need them.  

Depending what your needs are, we can also offer:

  • Scorecard Development
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Implementation
  • Recruitment Process/ Candidate Experience Creation
  • Interview Training

Project +

Do you have a considerable project coming up that requires expert attention quickly? Is the focus of the TA team more dedicated to permanent hires? We efficiently find short- and long-term hires that help you fill the gaps for your needs. We’ll step in and work on a C2C or a W2 basis to match the skills you need so you can keep project expenses low without a direct hit to your bottom line

Whatever your project needs are, we have contracting resources that can help.


We provide the Allied Health Support our federal clients need without missing a beat.

We leverage a suite of established tools, resources, and processes to effectively address vital needs in a cost-efficient way.

Our Allied Health Support Services


Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Outpatient | Home Health | Tele-health | Schools

Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

Private Practice | Hospitals | Tele-health 


Private Practice | Wellness Center | Hospitals & Clinics

What To Expect


We learn about what your needs are so we can customize a tailored solution that delivers the results you need.


Our experienced team meets and integrates with your team.

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We get results and optimize processes to reflect the current market demands based on data and analytics.


We create efficient feedback loops, dedicated to continually improving processes.