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We are extremely passionate about supporting your desire to incorporate more inclusive and unbiased practices into your recruiting process. Your time is valuable and we can assure you that our team is equipped to provide you with the best candidates that align with your company’s mission, vision, and values.

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Recruiting diverse tech talent is our specialty.

We’re passionate about leading change and want to partner with amazing clients like you who support inclusivity and diversity.

As a 100% woman owned WBENC-certified business, we value our community of aspiring professionals and want them to thrive.

You are:
Working on more inclusive recruiting and non-bias practices
Looking for a recruiting partner to find a diverse set of quality candidates

Your time is valuable and we can assure you that our team is equipped to provide you with the best candidates. We’re experts in the healthcare and tech industries, take the time to truly understand you and your business, and take pride in vetting perfect matches.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to build your team with amazing first hires, an organization facing massive growth, or a long-standing business leveling up your talent – you can count on us.

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Building a diverse team of quality talent fosters innovation, out-of-the-box ideas, and fresh perspectives.

Fun fact: Incorporating a more diverse workforce will make your company 35% more likely to have above-average profit margins.

We take the stress out of searching on your own by partnering with you directly, understanding urgency, and identifying the perfect fit for your needs. We handle the process from A-to-Z using powerful analytics and data to drive personalized submissions that ensure you’re thrilled and covered.


Whether you’re in search of your newest purpose-driven team member or you’re looking to staff an entire team, we step in as your trusted partner to source talent from the ground up. Our contingency-based placements are guaranteed, meaning you only pay when you find the perfect hire.


Maybe you’re looking for your next Director or you want to find an executive that matches a specific skillset, we dedicate our team to finding the best talent that fits the skill sets you’re looking for. Retainer-based placements require a percentage of the fee upfront, with the remainder paid once your perfect hire is found.


Have a huge project coming up that requires expert attention quick? We efficiently find short- and long-term hires that help you fill the gaps for your needs. We’ll step in and work on a C2C or a W2 basis to give you the skills you need so you can keep project expenses low without a direct hit to your bottom line.


We understand how stressful recruitment can be, especially for startups. We offer in-depth training that will equip your team with tools, resources, and knowledge to set the foundations of your own recruitment processes that you can continue to use as you scale. This includes job description creation, scorecard development, interview training, and candidate experience build outs. Depending on your needs, training can be done privately or in a group setting.

DEI Solutions

Remove Bias From Hiring

If you’re looking for more solutions to support your DEI initiatives, stop your search. We’ve partnered with Career.Place to provide you with DEI solutions to remove bias and increase the equity, inclusion, and efficiency of hiring. Whether you’re looking for tech that helps you equitably evaluate candidates on your own or training to equip your team with best practices and strategies to implement when hiring, Career.Place provides the support you need.

Career. Place Candidate Screening Technology allows anonymity so that you can focus on the job requirements, rather than resumes and keyword filters—mitigating compliance risk. Choose to use this solution standalone or within your existing ATS infrastructure. 

Career.Place DEIB in Talent Acquisition Training is designed to drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through a range of practical and actionable workshops. From high-level overviews to detailed seminars, you’ll get actionable guides, steb-by-step methodologies, and easy-to-implement tips to elevate your hiring process. 


What is diversity recruitment?

Diversity recruitment is all about inclusion and working with you to increase representation among underrepresented groups in your candidate pool. Together, we look at specific strategies and think outside of the box to attract high-quality diverse candidates.

Will you be able to increase the number of (insert demographic here) on my team?

Because we want to set expectations the right way, we cannot definitively say yes. The level of inclusion and your processes will play a major role. As your trusted partner, our job is to increase representation in your candidate pool. We’re here to provide support and help you with sourcing efforts.

Do you give back to the community?

Yes! We regularly offer free resume evaluations and mock interviews for anyone who identifies as an underrepresented population in tech. We recently partnered with Techqueria and presented a webinar to help folx interview with Intention! Check it out!

Do you offer a guarantee period?

We offer a 30-day prorated guarantee period.

What is the cost?

This depends on what type of recruitment you need, so this can vary depending on your needs. Please inquire here so we can get a better idea and provide you with more information!

Isn’t it discriminatory to focus on anyone’s demographic? Shouldn’t the focus be on the best person for the job?

Diversity recruitment is about inclusion, not exclusion. Therefore, we do not exclude anyone from our recruitment efforts and we do not support tokenism. Our approach is to include those that have historically been excluded. We always believe that the best person for the job should always be the final choice. The best way this can be achieved is through a diverse candidate pool.