Although we work with all candidates in the technology space, our main focus is to connect women in tech with amazing clients like you. Our clients have ranged in their growth stage from start ups building their values and making those first big hires, to companies entering rapid hiring mode, to companies that have just received private equity backing & established organizations. 

Our team is comprised of experienced and successful consultants that have worked with fast paced and successful start ups and long standing companies. Our consultants have worked in recruitment and talent acquisition.   




Building your team with diversity in mind is not only smart, it’s vital to the health of any company. Diverse teams not only perform better, they also drive innovation and inspire creativity.

However, finding diverse talent can be challenging. We pair you with a recruiter who knows your target market, understands urgency and knows how to partner. Our recruiter will source from our network of diverse women, engage and qualify potential prospects and handle the entire recruitment life cycle from sourcing to negotiating and extending the final offer.



Clients that choose marketing typically want more reach to diverse candidates that just aren’t being captured in a typical Indeed or LinkedIn posting. In this case, we share your job description out to our network of diverse women and present you with those who have shown interest and have been qualified as a fit. After an introduction, we leave the candidate in your hands to complete the process.

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