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Realness & Resiliency.

We are truly grateful and lucky to have worked with such amazing people throughout our careers, making us into the experts we are today. We can't wait to share all of the knowledge we have with you.

- The TAG Team

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The job search process can be intense, we know.  From how to find the right role, to effectively communicating your skills, and all the things in between (like living through a pandemic…no big deal)- we have a team that can help you every step of the way.  We are a collective of passionate women who believe in connection, community, and sharing tools we know will help others have a easier experience AND get the results they desire through career and job transitions.  We’re experts in this terrain.  Our team consists of are expert recruiters that are also hiring managers, leaders in our communities, meditators and therapists.  Every step of the way, we’re here for you.


Loreen Dinkelacker


I’ve recruited and filled roles for multiple clients across multiple industries in high-volume agency and corporate environments. My main recruitment focus has been in the tech space across industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, digital agency and government. I've recruited in every major city in the U.S and parts of Canada for companies ranging from tens of thousands of people to just 25.

Most recently, I built recruitment strategy and processes from scratch for a mid size SaaS company by partnering and collaborating with the business around fair hiring practices including interview scorecard development, interview processes, and evaluation tools.

My favorite clients are tech women who want to level up and smaller to mid-sized tech companies who can't keep up with their hiring.

Adrienne Dinkelacker


I have 15 years of recruitment and talent acquisition experience. I can tell you all the fancy things - but you can read that on my LinkedIn. I want to be real with you here. My first year as a “head hunter” was challenging. I was introverted (still am) in an extroverted role. I didn’t ask too many questions and just went with the flow - I needed to be asking 10 million questions and closing deals. When you’re working 100% commission and your livelihood is on the line, you need to make sure every contact counts, and I was missing the mark - BIG TIME. There were so many times I wanted to quit and give up. My self esteem was at a low, and at times I never thought I would get it. I ended up succeeding; and went on to excel and lead. I had a team of people around me, supporting me; and thats what we hope to do for you here. I have experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, coaching, creating systems, yoga, meditation and leading womens circles.

For potential clients: I’ve worked with organizations that were in huge growth phases; have built out TA teams; hit metrics and created excellent candidate process experiences.
A recruiter by trade, I spent over a decade advocating for and executing effective talent acquisition strategies, producing positive candidate experiences, and ensuring highly productive employer and employee relationships.

Bethany Joy

Preferred Partner: Wellness Coach & Meditation

Change is inevitable. Period. Whether we like it or not Life is perpetually calling us to evolve, grow and heal.
Bethany's gift is to to see the very root of a problem, issue or wound and facilitate healing and shifts from that place. She has the ability to intuitively guide her clients to greater levels of joy and fulfillment: past anxiety, playing small or giving away their power.
Bethany’s insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, indigenous peoples, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.
One of her greatest times of transformation occurred through deep suffering - a true Dark Night of the Soul. The gift of this challenge was newly acquired levels of self-mastery and humble empowerment that she shares with others.
Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and workshops worldwide for individuals who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. She is also the mother to three magical children.

Jamila J Walker, LCSW, MSSW

Preferred Partner: Mental & Emotional Wellness

I was born to walk this path. I wholeheartedly believe that we were all born with the capacity to heal ourselves but that at times we could use a helping hand. I embrace an approach to counseling that considers adverse childhood experiences as well as the impact that everything in a person’s environment historically may have on their overall well-being. My intention is to provide a supportive space that nurtures a sense of emotional safety and allows clients to explore pain, release blockages and heal wounds.

I received my Bachelors degrees from Tennessee State University in Psychology and Africana Studies and my Master’s of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I specialize and am passion about work with adolescents, women, couples and families and I have diverse background and experience working with elderly victims of crime, pregnant and parenting teens, and at-risk youth nationally and abroad.

I love this work and find joy, peace and purpose as both the owner of Nashville Emotional Wellness Counseling and as a therapist for the practice. In addition to working as a therapist, I teach as a professor at the University of Tennessee, School of Social Work, When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, dancing, traveling and writing.

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