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Over the years, The Atlas Group (TAG) has had the opportunity to consult with thousands of job seekers in the healthcare and technology markets & have helped a handful of amazing companies. We have worked as recruiters & leaders in agency and corporate settings, our credibility and understanding of market interview nuances are unmatched. We have worked with the top names technology, healthcare, digital marketing, finance, HR, operations, customer success & sales.

Although we work with people from all walks of life, we realized how glaringly under-represented women were in technology. The founders of TAG wanted to create a medium in which we were supporting the connection between women non- binary and trans* tech professionals with amazing opportunities with all things job search and connecting with our clients who are looking to diversify their teams.

These processes should not be or feel transactional- and we make sure they’re not.

This whole employment process from the job seeker and employer side is emotional and mental; and not very often talked about.  

We’ve seen many vulnerable humans trying to make the best decisions, some feeling torn, rejected, sad, disheartened, proud and excited on both the employer and job seeker side, and hope to make this process a bit more human for you.  We care about emotional and mental health – and do our best to address you; as a whole human.  Knowing that work is only an outward expression- a fragment of who we are.  We will work with the strategic, tactical side or careers, and also the emotional and mental aspects. 

Did I happen to mention that we’re really down to earth and easy to talk to? Contact us today- you won’t be disappointed.

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Realness & Resiliency.



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