You may have gotten a counter offer that you weren’t expecting, and you’re completely thrown for a loop now. Here’s what to do next.


Remember why you started your job search in the first place. There was something (or multiple things) that motivated you to a point where you decided it was time to leave. Don’t forget that.

Your current job is in panic mode- be weary of their promises. If your manager or senior level management is shocked by your resignation and they want to keep you, they will probably start assuring you that whatever your gripes are, they will change. You’ll get a promotion, a raise, they’ll give you the coveted corner office, they’ll stop putting you on grueling projects. If this is the case, why weren’t these things offered to you before the threat to leave was so real? The answer is simple; they didn’t think they needed to, so they didn’t. Maybe they weren’t valuing you. Maybe they need to keep you around for now until they find your replacement.

A counter offer doesn’t mean they actually value you. We all know that it costs more for a company to hire than to retain its current employees, and losing people is not in their best interest as a business. You may be working on a crucial project, and since they need you to finish that out, managers may make promises they cannot keep out of desperation.

If you accept the counter offer, chances are you won’t be working there in 6 months. If you decide that their promises are enough, and you believe things will change and decide to say, unfortunately the damage has already been done. Trust is now broken, and it might actually be more difficult for you to move up, or get another raise any time soon. If your company promised you things in the moment, 6 months is enough time for those shallow promises to unravel. They may have just kept you around to maintain the work, but are now conducting a confidential job search to fill your position with someone who they know will stick around. Statistics say that 80% of people who accept counter offers aren’t working at the company in 6 months.

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