Staring your job search can be exciting, frustrating, and maybe a bit overwhelming. It can also feel like an additional job on top of the one you already have; or just a big investment of time.

Some tactical ideas on getting started.

1 – Get clear. What do you want? How do you want to feel? What environment do you want to be in? How much money do you need? What are your must haves? What are your deal breakers? What are you willing to do, what aren’t you willing to do?

2 – Resume – Do you have one? When was it last updated? Have your resume proof read and spellchecked

3 – Network – Reach out to people in your network. Let them know what you’re up, make an ask for an introduction. Hive mind is powerful!

3 – Get Organized – I recommend starting a spreadsheet to keep track. List name of company, title of role, contact person name, contract information; date of contact and what type of contact was made, and add a notes section

4 – Search – Use industry specific sites or general ones like Indeed or Linked In; and tap into your network!

5 – Apply

6 – If you have the hiring manager or recruiters contact info – send them a message to share your interest.

7 – Update your sheet

8 – Review what you’ve done; How does it feel? Do you need to readjust your search? Use different keywords? Spruce up your resume? Look at different industries? Learn something new?

Job searches aren’t stagnant and neither are you. Your job search process is in constant evolution with you. Be gentle with your self and stay with it. You got this!

If you want to schedule a call with once of our career consultants, you can do that here (Link to our 15 min sesh)

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